NaNoWriMo Plot Party!

I went to the NaNoWriMo plot party, and I'm so glad I went! There were about 16 people in attendance. They ranged from the older, experienced published novelist to young writers, quirky and loud. The gal who sat next to me was easy to talk to, and has published a novel already and is working on her next novel.

I planned on talking to more people, but the tables and chairs were set up so that I was only sitting near one person. Her name was Cheri Lasota. She had some great ideas and questions that helped me form my plot and characters. Thank you Cheri!

It's always great to meet good people. People who you can learn from, and people who you can relate to then think, if they can do it, then I think I can too. Hopefully I can pass that on.

During the plot party I concentrated on my New King story. I'm so excited about the characters that are being formed, and other characters who have transformed. The result is an almost completely changed story. The storyline has blossomed into a tale that could be a great novel! I'm so excited for the possibilities!

So for the next 15 days or so, I'll be preparing for NaNoWriMo! Filling out character worksheets, scene plotting worksheets, and doing a little math to figure out how many words I need to write each day in November minus Sundays to complete at least 50,000 words, 176 pages! Whew!

If you want to check out Cheri Lasota's book, check out on Twitter she's @CheriLasota.


  1. Cool! I love how meeting others and learning from them expands our capabilities beyond what we could have originally done. Very excited about your adventures!

  2. Absolutely! It's so helpful to have input and expertise of others. Thank you for your comment!