Jump on the Freight Train!

I've been wanting to work toward my NaNoWriMo goal, but  I freeze up when I feel overwhelmed, and dear oh dear I feel overwhelmed! I need to melt my nerves!

I thought I had my plot lined out and my characters sorted, but it seems to be a freight train riding off without me. I'm not sure if I should take back control (which my natural tendencies dictate), or if I should just hop on and see where it goes. The latter is likely to take me to a messy, but a more interesting story, so I feel more inclined to hop on the train. It sure is hard to let go of control though! Ah!

Ok, so the plan: Refocus. Turn off the editor voice. Let go and just write, write, write. Dedicate time to it each day. I really do have so much to do during the day as a mother and homemaker. I suppose I'll be getting lots of great practice at time-management and prioritizing. As much as I would love to super scrub my floor right now, I need to realize that some things can wait until my daily or weekly quota is met. After my story is completed with over 50,000 words by the end of November, I'll have lots of material to work with to make a fantastic novel that I will be proud to show to you all!

Any other suggestions?

2200 Words and Counting

It's amazing to see so many words appear on the screen during these first few days of NaNoWriMo. Actually I usually type my story with my eyes closed. I feel like my imagination can work better that way, I see my story unfold with my eyes closed. Silly? Maybe, but it works for me.

The story is taking me into new characters and plot depths I didn't expect. I heard once about an author's character dying and the author crying while she killed him. I've thought I would probably cry too, but I haven't understood how the death might come as a surprise. Isn't the author, well, the author of the story? I'm learning that isn't necessarily so. My story seems to be taking off with the characters and I'm just typing with my eyes closed.