Occupation? Greeting Card Author

Well, not yet! I just submitted my very first greeting card idea!!!!

I'm super excited about the prospect of being a writer of greeting cards. Hmm, what would my title be? Greeting Card Author? Greeting Card Writer? Conveyor of Relationship Strengthening Ideas? When I was growing up I thought about that sort of thing. Ditties, poems, sentiments, silly and clever hahas. When asked, "So, what do you do?" I would love to reply, "I am a mother of two, and an author of children's stories, novels, and greeting cards." Yep, I'd like all of those in my repertoire, how fun!

There are many greeting card companies. For my first submission, I chose one that fits my witty side. If you are thinking you might want to submit all those clever ideas you have, just do a good Internet search and find a company that has cards that fit your style. There are many types; funny, naughty, sentimental, Christian, and there are even a couple of web sites that you can create your cards, and customers can order your designs, have them printed, and sent out by the host company. The largest companies seem to have staff writers instead of free-lance. For the companies that accept free-lance work, some companies want the ideas sent snail mail, and some are e-mailed. Some have a minimum number of ideas that must be sent together. Just make sure you follow the company's guidelines (usually found on their website) to make sure your ideas would fit what that company does. In all my experience...well, that's what I've learned so far.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Toilet Monster...Still

And I thought I was done, ha!

I was happily typing along, doing what I thought were the last few changes to my Toilet Monster story,
An awesome illustration by my son. I figure it's
close to what I look like when happlily typing along. ;)

when during a conversation with my sister, I discovered that if I rearrange the storyline it would be so much better! Arg! Yeah!

Don't worry, the basic premise for my story about a giant is well noted and is contentedly waiting it's turn. I am going to finish my Toilet Monster story first. Once it is written, I'll hand it over for illustration.

While the story is out for illustration, I'll search and study how to e-publish. I'm so excited to learn how to e-publish, and I can't stop smiling about the thought of one of my stories being accessible to others to enjoy. I can sense the feeling of momentum and smell the coming accomplishment. The end result of the changes will be well worth the extra effort, and as I find out how to e-publish an illustrated children's book, I'll let you know.

Check out my handmade deadlines on the right. I'm incorporating time dedicated to writing into my daily routine to meet my deadlines. It seems if it's not on the schedule, it doesn't get done...so now it's on the schedule.