Balance With 10 Minutes

I feel I'm beginning to find some balance between the responsibilities I have in my home and writing stories. I'll be working on my stories for at least 10 minutes a day. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's like cleaning a room for 10 minutes. I decide to clean a mirror, after it's clean, I wipe a spot off the wall, then I clean the floor, then take out the garbage. That's how it is for writing. I can stop after 10 minutes if I need to, but I need to dedicate time otherwise, laundry will rule the day.

By the end of this month I plan to send my manuscript or letter for "Toilet Monster" to a publisher. I've tweaked it once again, and I'm feeling significantly more confident. It's exciting and at the same time I am feeling like a very, very small fish in a very, very big pond.

I have found I don't want to label myself just yet. It might be fun to write for an older audience too. It's time for experimentation! Here's a part of tonight's "10 minutes":

I used to have the same dreams about once a month; witches that hunt me, a flood whirling around my house boat, alligators that bite off my legs, an anonymous dark figure who watches everything I do while I’m oblivious. I figured everyone has crazy dreams. I never thought in all my wildest dreams, that they were premonitory.

Maybe I'll continue that story in my next 10 minute session. Happy reading!

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  1. Love it. All those dreams are filled with images and then I find out they are real(maybe)? Great idea with the ten minute sessions. All of us family-oriented writers (face it, you like to write, call it like it is) have to find the balance. Whatever works for you and keeps you creating! For me, I am a dictator: literally I dictate into an app on my phone, and when I transcribe it later its like a second draft and I can rework the idea or flesh it out because the hard part of putting my thoughts into words is done.....(now I want to go on but this will turn into an essay shortly so thanks for the inspiration) keep it up!