Work in Progress

I've been working on my Toilet Monster story, and you'd be pleased! It's coming along quite well. I've taken out a lot of fluff, and I've changed some of the dialogue to sound more like children instead of me. It's more difficult than you might think to find the voice of someone else. I think particularly when that person is under the age of 10.
SUPER-exciting news! My dear sister has done an illustration for me, and I'll be able to use it on my blog for my Toilet Monster story!! I'll put it up with (I think what will be) my final draft. I'll also put a link to her blog so you can see the amazing art she does. For the publishers reading my blog: we've agreed we don't have to work together...but it would be really cool on some projects. Just think of the marketing perks! Sister-team author&illustrator + our dreamy books = warm fuzzies = good sales.

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