Week 1 Topic: toy

Buddy’s Bunny

Buddy was having a great morning. Mom had made him eggs, pancakes and corn. Buddy’s favorite. He saw that it was sunny outside, so he thought he’d ride his bike after he finished eating.

Suddenly, Buddy paused. “Sunny! Aaaaaaah! Where’s my Sunny Bunny?!” Buddy cried out, nearly falling out of his chair. Buddy was worried about his special friend. He couldn’t remember where his bunny was!

“Where did you leave him?” his mother asked.

Buddy looked with worried eyes at his mom, “I don’t know!”

He had Sunny Bunny with him the night before. They ate dinner together, they brushed their teeth together, and they had story time together. Did someone take him? Did he need a vacation? Did he decide to go to somebody else’s house? Is he lost forever?

Buddy searched around the kitchen, no Sunny Bunny. “He must be in my room.” he decided.

Buddy ran like a blindfolded cat to his room! He looked around and then ran to his bed. He threw the blankets and sheets off his bed, no Sunny Bunny! He tossed the toys out of his closet, no Sunny Bunny! He flung his clothes from the carpet up in the air, no Sunny Bunny.

“Where could he beeeeeeeeeeee?!”

Buddy’s mom came to his bedroom door. Her eyes opened as wide as the great Grand Canyon when she saw Buddy’s room.

“You need to pick up your room.” she said, still in a trance from the mess.

“Mom, how can you think about cleaning at a time like this?!” Buddy exclaimed!

His mother’s eyes smoothed back to normal and she smiled. “I’ll help you find Sunny Bunny after your room is clean. I’ll even help you clean your room if you’d like.”

Buddy couldn’t see any other way to find Sunny Bunny, so he agreed. He put his pants, shirts, and stinky socks in the hamper. He put his sheets and blankets on the bed. His mom helped Buddy tuck them in, and there he was!

“Sunny Bunny!”

Buddy reached under his bed and pulled Sunny Bunny into the light. He squeezed Sunny Bunny with all his might in the biggest bunny hug ever.

“Mom,” Buddy said, “I’m missing my favorite army guy, General Pound. If I put away my toys, maybe I'll find him too!”

“That’s a great idea, Buddy.” She said with a smile.

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  1. That's cute! And picking up your toys to find your toys - great message. :)