My Blog's Current Purpose

I've created my blog for several reasons:

1. Practice - I'll be posting my practice writings including a weekly short story inspired by the word of the week on It's a fabulous site for illustrators, and great for inspiration for me. If I chose my weekly word, it would be too contrived. Maybe I'll have a weekly suggestion from followers after things get rolling?!

2. Readers! - What good is having a story, if no one is around to read it? It will be so fun to share all that I'm writing and learning along the way.

3. Accountability & Motivation - Doing any self-motivated action that is sustainable, sometimes needs accountability. I will post goals and the results they produce. If I post that I'm going to submit a manuscript to a publisher, well I best do it!

4. Feedback - It will be helpful to know when I'm getting better! I don't expect to be a well-known children's favorite, award-winning author just yet. I wouldn't turn the job down, I just don't think I'm ready yet. So thank you for comments, critiques, and encouragement!

5. Enrich and Entertain - When people come to my blog to find out more about me and my stories, I want them to see that I enjoy writing. I want them to be able to sit back and enjoy a few minutes outside their busy world, and feel better going back into it. I want people to know they can go from not knowing a morsel about how to accomplish something, to being confident and proficient in that endeavor if they choose.